There are many interesting walks possible all over Leros, and you can choose according for instance the difficulty level, the sites you can visit, or the vegetation you will cross through. The examples below are just a few of many possibilities. We can offer you the descriptions, maps and historical information for each hike of your interest:

  • Merikia and War Museum “ The Tunnel” (4 km)

Starting from the “Italian town” of Lakki with its particular rationalism-architecture, the hike includes to the Tunnel War Museum, which exposes the war period of 1943 when the Germans captured Leros from the English and Italian allied forces: the so called Battle of Leros. The walk continues through one of the island’s greenest country sides resembling the Ardennes.

  • Entrance to Bay of Lakki, to the lighthouse (2.5km)

This walk guides you to the little lighthouse that guards the entrance to the Bay of Lakki. Near this lighthouse are the ruins of the Italian fortifications that were destroyed in World War 2.

  • Patela Area (4,5 km)

On the top of the hill Patela you will find Italian defence works, such as platforms for heavy artillery and shelters. You will see also an installation that could warn the population for an air raid. The book of Allister MacLean “The Canons of Navarone” was inspired by these defence systems.

  • Xirokampos- Skoumpardos mountain (9km)

The path up to the top of Skoumpardos is easy, but long. You will meet again Italian Defense buildings. On entering you will find inscriptions. Majestic views towards Kalymnos over the rocky landscape.

  • Xirokampos- Diapori (4,5 km)

The route starts from the chapel of St. Kavouradaina which is located near the sea and it is built in rocks. Taking the dirt road up the hill to our left, you will find an Italian building in which there are Italian paintings designed by soldiers during the war. The view while walking becomes more and more amazing.

  • Markelo (6,8km)

During your walk upwards the bushy hill side, you can rest at the hunter’s hut to admire the view to Aghios Nikolaos below. You will also meet Italian barracks and take a close look at the roofs and the Italian texts on the walls.

  • Aghios Nikolaos-Aghios Issidoros, around the wind generators (8km)

A long sandy road goes down to the beach of St. Nicolas, which has large flat pebbles and you can visit the Aghios Nikolaos Meraloudi-chapel. The walk continues along the coastal path to Aghios Isidoros, another beautiful little chapel on a rock in the sea. Visit the chapel, with or without wet feet… For sure you will meet hundreds of goats on this trail.

  • Aghios Petros-Drymonas (4km)

You start walking from an unspoiled fisherman’s harbor and on the top of the road you will reach Aghios Petros Monastery which lies below you on the edge of a gorge. Breathtaking views.